Tying his own bow tie is one of the basics any man should learn. And it’s not that hard, really. We’ve all learnt, probably a while ago, how to tie our shoes, and we do it every day without even thinking. Well, a bow tie knot is not so different.

Let’s give it a try !

Tying a bow tie – step by step

Starting point :

If you have an adjustable neck band, adjust it to your size. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about the size, you’ll be able to rearrange it after step 2.

Start with the right part slightly lower.

Start tying the bow tie with the right part slightly lower

Step 1 :

 Put the right side over the left side. Then put the right end under left, pull up and tighten.

 Make sure the knot is central and lined up with the collar button.

It needs to be as tight as is comfortable now. Bear in mind it will be difficult to tighten this part later.

Right side over left

Step 2 :

Toss aside the overlapping part.

Now you should have a reasonably tight knot, with the left side starting just beyond the tip of the bow shape and hanging down, and the right side placed over your left shoulder.

Adjust the neck strap size if required to look like the picture.

Toss aside overlapping part

Step 3 :

After that, fold the underlapping (the part dangling down) into a half-bow.

This forms the front of your bow tie.

Fold underlapping into a half-bow

Step 4 :

Bring the overlapping back down over the centre of the front part.

Bring overlapping back down over the center of the front part

Step 5 :

Find the middle part (often the widest) of the overlapping and bring it around.

Bring the overlapping around

Step 6 :

Push it through the loop that is behind the bow, out the other side. But don’t push it all the way through, you need to keep the end on the left.

It should just start to look like a very loose bow tie.

Push it through the loop behind the bow

Step 7 :

Finally, pull gently on the loops and on the loose ends to tidy and tighten.

You need to alternate between tightening the knot and adjusting the loose ends.

Pull gently to adjust the bow tie

Your bow tie is your own !

Now you can experiment a bit to find your own bow tie style. You might want to wear a big knot or a small one, wonky or neat, symmetrical or not. Just make it your own, a perfect bow tie !

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Image sources : Vimeo