When it comes to bow ties, fabric is the one thing that can’t be overlooked. It creates not only the style, but also the shape, the texture, the quality, the feeling, everything. With the right fabrics, your bow tie won’t go unnoticed, but it will catch all eyes.

At So Papillon, we are fully aware of how vital the choice of fabrics is. That’s why we carefully select each fabric individually with the greatest attention. And as we love to travel, we also take the best of what each country has to offer, whether it is in the UK, in France or in Italy.

Soft polyester fabric with cream, blue and black


Soft, comfortable, colourful , easy to care for, resistant to wrinkles : polyester is a great fabric for making bow ties.

Light grey cotton fabric


Smart and modern, breathable, renewable, biodegradable : cotton is perfect for a more casual look.

Light grey cotton fabric
Orange linen fabric


A natural fabric with a beautiful texture that adds character. Linen is also eco-friendly as it requires few chemical fertilisers and pesticides to grow.

Bright silk fabric


The most timeless choice of elegance and sumptuous softness. Silk hides its great robustness behind a delicate appearance.

Bright silk fabric