Bow ties can come in many different shapes, and you’ll have to choose depending on the occasion, the style and the face shape. Here are the 3 most famous shapes of bow ties.

Butterfly bow tie shape

The Butterfly Bow Tie

This is the most popular and timeless bow tie style. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a classical look, or as a “first bow tie” for beginners. Its versatility makes it suitable for almost all occasions.

The Butterfly looks good on any face shape, but especially on faces with sharper features (square, triangular, or diamond). An oversized butterfly will be better on men with larger heads.

Slim bow tie shape

The Slim Bow Tie

Also known as Batwing, the Slim bow tie has a clean and minimalist style. More modern and trendy, it is not as formal as the Butterfly but it is still suitable for formal events. If you plan to wear your bow tie untied, just be aware that this shape won’t give the best effect as the ends are just long rectangles.

The Slim bow tie is a very good fit for round, heart and oblong faces, and also for smaller gents.

Diamond bow tie shape

The Diamond Bow Tie

The pointed ends of the Diamond bow tie draw a bit more attention. Its asymmetrical look is made for you if you’re looking for something sophisticated and “outside-the-box” at the same time.

The Diamond bow tie can add a nice balance to soft face shapes such as Round and Heart.

Choosing a bow tie shape is a personal thing. You can find some guidance and look at the trend for inspiration, but at the end of the day, you just need to choose what you feel comfortable in.

All our bow ties can be made in these 3 shapes. Visit our shop and choose your preferred shape !