Man with bow tie


Are you looking for a trendy accessory to perfect your outfit? For a wedding, a special event or simply everyday, a beautiful bow tie is always a great choice. Discover So Papillon’s range of bow ties and find the one that will bring the ideal little extra to your outfit.

The handmade bow tie

Because its surface is smaller than a neck tie, a bow tie has the advantage of being more versatile. Depending on the chosen style, it can make himself discreet or on the contrary, attract all the attention. The bow tie allows to give free rein to creativity, which we do not fail to do at So Papillon!

Striped, tartan, floral, checkered, geometric, liberty … there are no limits! Choose the graphics that suit your tastes and your outfit. Do you have a favourite colour? Are you a classic type or do you like to play the originality card? At So Papillon, we try to offer you an ever wider range of styles. That’s right, we have a soft spot for shades of blue! However, you will also find products mixing several colors such as red, green, yellow, orange, grey, pink, etc. You can also choose the shape of your bow tie: the classic Butterfly, the modern Slim or the original Diamond.

At So Papillon, we are proud to make “real” bow ties, that is to say bow ties to tie (except bow ties for children). Let’s be honest, no man would want to buy a tie with an already made knot that can’t be undone, right? So if it seems natural to make a tie knot, you can easily learn how to tie a bow tie! You will get a much more sophisticated and clearly more elegant style!

Another advantage of the self-tie bow tie is that it can be tied in different ways. You can make a symmetrical knot for a fairly formal style, or a softer knot for a more casual look. If you choose a model made up of 2 or 3 different fabrics, you have a reversible bow tie. When you form the knot, you can then choose which fabric will be visible on the central part and on the “wings”. There are at least 4 different ways to tie a reversible bow tie, so have fun!

You have specific tastes and you can’t find the rare pearl? In this case, contact So Papillon, we will be delighted to give birth to your ideal bow tie!

The bow tie, the star accessory for a wedding

Are you about to attend a wedding? Are you the best man or a guest of honor? Maybe is it your own wedding? Whatever the situation, So Papillon is happy to be with you during these joyful moments.

Because every wedding is unique, so must be your outfit. This is why we offer you exclusive products that combine style and elegance. For example, are you planning a country style wedding? At So Papillon, we thought that an hessian tie or bow tie would look amazing. Uncommon, this material requires a real know-how to shape it. But we love challenges! More than anything, we want to offer you unique products that will fit perfectly with the theme you have chosen.

Do you have a special request? Do you want a custom bow tie? No worries, So Papillon can meet all your desires. To do this, nothing could be simpler, contact us via our contact form. We will be happy to modestly contribute to the success of your event!